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There is a BIGGG difference in our Starbucks as of a couple months ago!  The drinks are consistantly made the same and everything is expedited in a timely manner.  But most of all, the Starbucks employees roll out the "red carpet" every single time my friends and I walk through the door.  We LOVVVVVE it here and are so happy to get a Starbucks in our area.  We tell so many people to come and give it a chance and when they do they are hooked for so many reasons.

If this Starbucks stays open I know their revenue will slowly go up because of the growth this area is experiencing.  Matter of fact, the old Hotel right across the way was recently bulldozed down and a BRAND NEW Hotel and Conference Center is going up right across the main road from Starbucks (IL 23).  There was a big right up about it in our local paper.

Concerning the other comment posted by a disgruntled person not patronizing this Starbucks on account of them not utilizing Union folks.. come on now.  Do you shop at a Wal-Mart?   Not every single business is built by Union workers. We cannot always use union people.  And to punish all these people who do NOT have a say in the matter is riduculous.  I am a supporter of Union people but let's be realistic.  As a Business owner, it's the America way to hire whomever you choose.

This Starbucks has some really super people working in it like,,, Nathan, Sandy, Lizz, to name a few that give us the royal treatment.  Keep up the good work people!  If you still end up closing it certainly wasn't anything on you part.

We care.