Ok first off, Starbucks needs to lower its prices.

Prices for these fancy coffees need to be in line with prices of soda and other drinks sold in fast food chains and at fountain prices in gas stations and quick shops.  Maybe a few cents more but not double or triple the price.  Costs for the ingredients in these individual coffees are similar to prices for the ingredients in individual soda's and things like ice tea and lemonade.

How Starbucks got so lucky in the first place that large numbers of people would pay such high prices, $3-4 dollars or more for even a fancy coffee, amazes me, now that times are harder.  Threw artificially created price inflation,  most people just can't afford to make an extra trip just to get a high priced coffee anymore.

Then it needs to bring in more customers.

To do this, I think it needs to offer other items, such as food items, such as sandwiches, etc, anyway, items so it has more than just normal coffee house fair.  So people can drop in for lunch or dinner not just a pit stop for coffee.

Today's higher prices are not made just by high oil prices but higher oil costs and price gouging, (Prices for so many things have gone up way more than the real higher transportation and fuel costs have added, but since most people just haven't sat down and figured out that if fuel prices double, costs of Items should not triple or quadruple and that shipping costs are but a small percentage of the total items costs.).

D. H.

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