Hi everybody! I'm Giulia from Cremona, Italy. I'm seventeen, and I went my first time to starbucks two years ago when I was in London with some friends. It was love at first sight. The big soft armchair, the smell of the coffee, the people's chatting, the sweets, muffins, the adorable mokkacino and all the inimitable drinks...

I think that if starbucks close, people will lose an important meet place. You go to Starbucks when you're happy, when you're sad, when you fell lonely or with all your friends, you go to study in a comfortable armchair with your favourite drink, you go to work on a new projet with your PC, you go to start to write a book because in this place you have the inspiration, you go there before and after shopping, you go to forget an unlucky lovestory and take a very big chocolate brownie with your best friend and you can find your new love in Starbucks.

You've done and you can do a lot of things there.
I love it all, and I love Starbucks.

Why you have to disappoint a lot of people in the world?????