I live in an area of Kansas City which is basically (being re)new(ed), however the people in charge fell behind and did not open a lot of restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, bars, bowling alleys, movie theaters, coffee shops etc.,  at the times they planned. They did open a Starbucks a few months ago, that is supposed to be closing down. There is another Starbucks less than a few blocks away that will be remaining open even though the building it is located in is closed on weekends. This is KCMO. If there is going to be one Starbucks in downtown or KC Power and Light district, it should at least be open on weekends, the entire weekend. A lot of people live in this area, and a few probably don't know Starbucks is open, because nothing is going on across and down the street from it. Soon there will be a theater across the street. Come on! No Starbucks less than one-hundred feet away?  I happened to find it open it by accident one day.  I understand that Starbucks may be cutting back to save money or to increase its profits, but being open Monday through Friday until six, and being closed on weekends( except for a couple hours on Saturday mornings) cannot  be a good idea financially. I may not be a business person, but it seems that the more business hours, the higher the profit. The one closing down is a little larger, and closer to other businesses that are open weekends in the area. Kansas City may be a little slow, but I am sure that Starbucks is not. Rethink your decision, whoever made it. If it is a person who lives in KCMO, they probably don't even drink coffee.