Hello everyone, 

I read about this SOS website and was shocked, just had to react. Just some info I happen to have read about starbucks:

Competition models are based on a canabalism, meaning starbucks will overwhelm one location with stores resulting in actually competing with eachother, and therefor completely killing any competition. putting ALL other smaller coffeestores out of business. Most times they will find the best coffeehouse in the area, and simply offer the landlord double the rent.

In the end the only one still standing in THE CITY will be starbucks, with 20 stores (or whatever) 

My god people, yyou want to save THIS corporation ???   Paris , thank god, has not subjected to the corporate iinvasion. People like the small cosy private coffeehouses too much. Can you imagine Paris, with only starbucks stores !?? 

I don't have to add their complete lack of enviromental issues (they don't care) or their actions AGAINST union forming, their fare trade (coffee) policies ( 95 % is NOT fair trade)

Do you people READ ?
sorry, don't mean to be sarcastic, but really. In holland I drink coffee in a nice little bar, I actually know the owner. friends come there. I am SO glad we don't have starbucks here , YET,,   ..   

READ : No Logo (Naomi Klein)


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