I cannot understand why the corporate office would close our local Starbucks.

1)  It's only been open for 8 months.  Any new business needs time to recruit customers and cultivate a substantial clientele.  With every month of operation, I have seen increasing numbers of repeat customers here.

2)  It's an oasis in the middle of a coffee desert.  Locally owned coffee establishments serve inferior product, and in order to reach the next closest Starbucks, one must drive on the highway for 30 minutes.  That kind of commute is expensive at today's gasoline prices and is potentially hazardous during the wintertime.

3) Look at the population and business growth along the I-80 corridor.  In the not distant future, there will be many thirsty souls seeking Starbucks refreshment.

Please, corporate office, think about what I've said, and KEEP THE OTTAWA, IL STARBUCKS OPEN.