First of all, to the designers of this website: this page is very confusing and should be better organized if possible to specify which Starbucks you are writing about and then let others search and write about that Starbucks location. Also, who at Starbucks is reading this posts? Are they being heard by anyone with decision-making power?

Now I would like to applaud the Starbucks in the Belvedere Square area of Baltimore, MD. This location sits right in the center of the renewed Belvedere Square area and is helping to bring money to this area as well as the other shops around the corner. My non-profit organization recently held an event and this location was more than happy to provide a huge container of iced coffee as an in-kind donation. The workers are always friendly and helpful and the location couldn't be more perfect for the area; to many it doesn't make sense to close this location down. There are not any other Starbucks' close-by and it brings money to the area.

One suggestion I have for this location is to team up with the Senator Theatre across the street and provide their coffee, cookies and sweets. This would greatly help their development and your community outreach will be great for you. Also, I think you should stay open more hours to accomodate the theatres hours and the neighborhood's activities better, say 9 pm instead of 8.

Best of luck!