Save our Evergreen Park, IL Starbucks!  We are a hardworking family with 1 goal: to make the future wonderful for our girls (we have 2)!  Starbucks is our #1 treat at the end of a hardworking week.  My husband works 2 jobs and when he needs a great cup of coffee - I oblige.  We head over in our mini van and head straight to 83rd & Kedzie where we are greeted by the kindest, nicest, plainly the best people who happily and courteously always hand over our coffee with a smile.  I tell them every time we go there that they are my favorite - and they are.  You can imagine how upset/sad/restless we were when we got the news.  Do not close this location.  You will be making this wonderful community a disservice.  Thank you for listening.