I emailed Starbuck's corporate customer service concerning the location in our town that is closing.  I tried to explain that the store opened when the economy was just about as low as it got and to give the store a chance now that the economy is getting better and people are able to spend a little bit on themselves and not just on necessities.  I know I went from going to a Starbucks about 3-4 times a week to once every other and now can go more again, about twice a week for now.

The response was a cookie cutter,  cold sounding 'press release' email with links to their corporate website, not a personal response. In normal speak it said tough, we're closing it down and there is nothing you can do about it. I even felt like there was someone at their corporate office sticking their tongue out at me, razzing and stomping their feet like a kid having a temper tantrum. I know it isn't the person who emailed me's fault, probably has hundreds of emails a day they have to respond to and someone in marketing created the email press release and all employeees have to use it.  It does show the state of customer service in businesses these days. 

Sad, our store just opened recently (during tough economic times) and it's the only decent place to hang out and sit still awhile for miles.  I am sitting here at our location now, having a tea and doughnut and relaxing on my day off.  Everyone should be at work by now and there are 18 people who are here or who have come and gone...and I have been here only about 30 minutes.  I was in here the other day at a different time and again when it shouldn't be busy and at least 10 people came and gone in the time I was there.  The manager at the store I am in now says that their regional managers are looking at our emails and listening, but their response to me sure didn't feel like it.  I sure hope she is right.

The executive(s) who decided to close this location are just plain wrong. Bad decisions are nothing new, like Walmart getting rid of layaway (didn't shop there at Christmas last year and won't this year either). Stopped shopping there anyways on a regular basis, for many reasons, but the straw that broke the camel's back for me was the layaway issue.  I go elsewhere now, unless I just can't find it somewhere else.  Sometimes I really think that people just can't look at the big picture. 

I for one love Starbuck's but if this one closes, it's less business from me.  I won't stop going, but I won't be ABLE to go as often.  I know there are other locations in the city near us, but I won't make a special trip to town just to go to Starbucks.

I just hope when it's all said and done, that our Starbuck's doesn't close and that this isn't some marketing ploy to get people to come to Starbuck's (yes, I had that thought of this, some evil genius in marketing telling executives to announce stores are closing so sales will go up).