Dear Starbucks: This is the third time I have written about the closing of Starbucks on Hillsborough and Racetrack road in Hillsborough County in Tampa.  This store not only has the best Manager and Employees, it is unique  in the fact that it has a service bar that seats people.  Everyone keeps harping about not making enough money or having enough customers. If in fact this is true,why not open later or close earlier.Make the situation work instead of giving up.  It is not a drive through so don't compare it to one.  It is a young store in a growing community.  The people around it don't want to go to what you call other convenient stores because they aren't .  The one on memorial is hard to get in and out and their is always a line out to the road and the reason we stopped going there was because of drinks that wenen't right or what we ordered.Sure they have the morning traffic but we are comparing apples to oranges.  The only other stores you closed in Hillsbrorough county were in Malls where there were two stores. There are a lot of people who live off of Hillsborough road who don't want to go off the beaten path and the people you pick up off the main drag can't see these other stores you are talking about. The store on Westchase is  in it's own community and you have to park for access and there are not very many parking places plus it's way off the beaten path.  You say that you can't change once you have made up your mind ,  I know that this isn't true we have a base that has been on the closure list for 20 years and it's still here.  You used to have a billboard here that said  Start your blinkers Starbucks just a mile on the right.  Now it's gone and there is no advertisement to show people exactly where the store is and they drive past it before they see it. They have just built a Target and a Best buy and this community is growing and this Starbucks is surrounded by Apartments and rich homes on the water with boats and those customers are devistated over the closing and are refusing to go anywhere else and I am speaking for them as well.  I f you look at new stores in developing areas you will find at first there is a slow start but after awhile it will pickup business quickly but you must be patient.  Please don't be a bean pusher and just look at maps o f the area .  Think of the people and remember even IRS gives a business a fare amount of time to get out of the red. -Sincerely yours, Linda Pierce